Friday, May 16, 2008

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Busy, busy, busy.

These 3 words pretty much sums up my life since Christmas, with my work performance being noted by one of the head honcho from UK, promotion inevitably comes knocking. As you guys have heard about the recent financial slowdown globally, this has somewhat piled up so much more work for me, even I don't have the decent time to find a good fuck!

Anyways, the head honcho who came over for a short visit to review the performance of our work was pretty young. I didn't expect somebody who is in her mid 30s to be able to climb the ladder up in UK that fast! "Damn, she must have slept her way up" was the first thought that came to my mind.

As usual, I was given the job to pick her up when she arrived from the airport, touching down at about 11.55pm. Quite frankly, I was half expecting her to be somewhat average looking, nothing fantastic, very feministic, and a work driver. Imagine my surprise when I saw her walking out from the arrival gates.

She: You Karl?

Me: Hi, Isabelle. How was your flight from Heathrow?

She: Pretty much the same old, as been traveling to other parts of the world.

Me: Let me get your luggage. We shall proceed to the hotel from here.

Walking to the car, I couldn't help but notice, what gorgeous pair of legs she has. How could someone maintain this kind of texture in such a cold country like UK was beyond my comprehension. While loading her luggage into the car boot, she made her way to the backseat. I suppose it was one of her mentality, by treating anyone who is picking her from wherever she is flying to, to be treated as one driver. Scoffing this idea, I decided that, minimizing any form of contact, be it for work or personal, is probably the best idea.

Driving down the PIE, I took a look at her from the rearview mirror to see how she was doing. Dozing off, she emits a certain serenity look, not unlike the previous demeanor showed when I first met her. I suppose, with the duration of the flight, she was probably too tired to think or ask about anything.

Reaching Fullerton only took 10 mins. Traffic was smooth, and best of all, even the traffic lights are in my favour! Pulling up at the driveway, I then turned around to wake her up. Before I could open my mouth, I took another glance at her smooth, silky legs. "Damn, how does she do it?" was another thought that came to my mind.

Me: Isabelle, we are here.

Opening her eyes, she looked around her surrounding and acknowledged my statement, and proceed to get down from the car. Getting her luggage from the boot, and placing them onto the hands of the bellboy, I looked at her and was kind of glad that I do not have to see her anymore in my own leisure time anymore, unless it's for work purpose. We walked to the main lobby, and proceed to check in her room stay.

She: Come up a while, I have got something to hand to you.

"What is so important that she cannot wait to give to me tomorrow during our company staff meeting?" I thought, but then again, I was pretty lazy to ask her the reason, as the first thing I just want to do is to go home to my bed, and sleep.

Moving side by side with her, we proceed up to her room. Upon reaching, we went into her room, and waited for the bellboy to come up with the bags. Viewing around the hotel room, she suddenly said:

She: This room is pretty small, for my liking.

I was like, WTF? Fullerton has got one of the more expensive rooms in the city and yet she is complaining about the size of the room? Just then, the bellboy arrived with her luggage, and she began to find what she said she wanted to pass to me. Quite frankly, at that point of time, her mannerism, together with her coldness attitude, kind of puts me off. I was actually secretly hoping that she does what she needs to do, and get the fuck out of Singapore, so that I do not need to see her anymore.

She : Go through this set of reports and let me know the summary tomorrow morning when we are having our meeting. That's all, you can leave now.

Was all she said when she handed me one file of documents.

I stared at the thickness of the file, and started to flip a few pages to see the amount of content on each page. "Fuck! This is going to take the whole night to finish! There goes my night." I wondered in dismay. Without saying anything, I left her room, and went down to my car, whist staring into the cold, dark night. I was also wondering, what could possibly happen to me while on her brief stay in Singapore.

Little did I know, I have gotten more than what I have bargained for.....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Sorry... Really do not have much time to blog in here for these few weeks.

I am still in office doing extra overtime on this Public Holiday.

However, still I must drop in my best wishes for all:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

PS. btw Hope is doing OT with me in the office.... Hehehe!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Candy - Day 2

I woke up already and went next door to wake the princess up. To my surprise and dismay, she is not in bed. Her bed doesn't look slept in either.

Worried, I rushed about the hotel, going from the pool to the gym to the restaurant looking for her. Cursing under my breathe and swearing never to babysit another person again, I went back to my own room, preparing to make some "PMIA" call. PMIA = Person Missing In Action

The moment I stepped into my room, I could see that dear girl sleeping soundly in my bed!!!!

Me: Wake up! Oy! Wake up!
She: (yawning) Huh?
Me: Where have you been?
She: (yawning somemore) Go away.
Me: Where have you been?
She: I want to sleep! Leave me alone.
Me: The hell you are. I want to know where have you been?
She: Go away

And she covered her head with the blanket. My instinct is pull the blanket off her... My mistake. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. She was naked. Her breasts bounced as she sat straight up and stared at me. Her brown nipples stood up in response of the cold air from the air conditioning.

She: So you have gotten yourself an eyeful. Can I go back to sleep now?

My jaw went wide open and stared at her while she threw the blanket on her and went back to sleep again.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Candy - Day 1

I had to go back to my place to pick up my clothes to move in to the hotel. Candy agreed not to go out and stayed in the hotel to wait for me.

When I reached the hotel, I couldn't find her in her room. I decided to walk around the hotel to find her since she promised not to leave the hotel without me. Before I could leave my room, the hotel's phone rang. Apparently, someone has found her. The front desk manager is "informing" me that my "friend" is intoxicated and could I assist in removing her from any danger that she might expose herself in.

I found Candy lying by the poolside, totally drunk. I had to carry her up to her hotel room. Before I could propped her onto her bed, Candy jumped out of my arms.

She: Phew! That was close. What took you so long?
Me: Are you for real?

Candy explained that she was swimming topless when a male hotel guest get up too close and personal with her. (what did she expect?!) She and him had a few drinks and she pretended to be drunk and started hitting him. The guy then went to get assistance from the front desk.

As I stared at her, in disbelief, she went to take a shower so that she could leave "this goddamn hotel" to go shopping. Sigh!

Candy came out of the bathroom with her hair up in the towel turban, wet and naked, all bare except for a slight patch of bush covering her modesty. With her hands at her hips, she gave an arrogant look, "Whatcha looking at?" For her young age, she is really the one with THE attitude. She leaned over me, with me sitting on a chair. Her tits just barely brushing my lips. And her body glistering wet. She leaned even closer and whispered, "Don't you just wanna suck it?" Her nipples are swaying within inches from my lips, tempting me, luring me.

I had to use all my determination to clear my head and to force the calm words out, "Candy, get dressed." Rejecting Candy was actually out of respect for Rebecca. Candy hearing that, pouted and pulled another of her mini tee and denim shorts. Her tee is so small that if her arms were to raise slightly up, her nipples will be exposed. Her shorts are so low if she were to sit, her butt crack will be exposed to the whole world. Then again I am not her parents.....

Everything went quite well, we went around Suntec and Marina Square for shopping. Her beauty raised a number of males' appreciation. At one point, where we were resting our feet at a cafe, she noticed that a guy was staring at her quite intently, she walked over to me (happily sipping my ice mocha and totally unaware) and plonked her cute little ass on my lap and pressed her lips onto mine.

Before I could catch my breathe, the guy walked past us, murmured, "Lucky bastard." under his breath. And Candy almost died of laughter, sherking and bouncing on my lap. And me? Trying hard to control my manhood's behaviour.

This gal is going to get me into trouble.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Introducing Candy

Rebecca called me out one fine afternoon, sounding nervous. I had thought something drastic has happened... I haven't been able to meet up with her due to my workload eversince she came back from Europe.

She: Can you come to Pan Pacific?
Me: Now? (I am on the way to meet a client.)
She: Yes. Now. Right away. (Sounding breathless.)
Me: (Frown) Alright.
She: At the cafe.

And she hung up the phone. I had to call off my client, making excuses of family emergency.

When I reached the cafe, I saw Rebecca sitting in a corner with both hands on a cup of coffee. I reached out to her and gasped both hands. She explained quietly that her distant cousin has just arrived Singapore and she have not made any necessary preparation. Preparations? The last time her cousin is here, she was arrested for creating a public nuisance and for assaulting 2 policemen. Rebecca would need a minder for her cousin but in such a short time and during these festive season, it is almost impossible to get one. And Rebecca is flying off to Indonesia in the evening. Time is not in her hands.

Me: And what can I do?
She: She's here.....

I looked up and saw a pair of tanned legs that go on forever and ever. Those legs led to a pair of perky butt encased in a worn-out denim hotpants, then the flattest toned tummy bare for all to see, then a pair of round boobs stretched out by her white mid-drift tee, then her pink pouty lips, then her round doleful eyes and ends at her long long brown silky hair. While my eyes were having a huge feast, my ears picked up Rebecca's words: You can do anything with her but watch her, dun let her get into any trouble with the law. That is all I ask from you.

I turned back to Rebecca, only to see an empty cup of coffee. Sigh! Rebecca's cousin plopped down onto the seat that Rebecca emptied.

Me: Hi, I am....
She: My minder AKA my nanny. I know, I know. What I don't need to know is your name. I don't you care AND I don't really care as well.
Me: Okay. What a start....
She: Let me do a quick one. My name is Candy. I just reached 18 years old so if you like to fuck me which I don't really mind since you are quite my type, I am of age. Which is just nice for the law here. I will be here for a week. Basically to get out of my parent's hair while they planned for the GREAT Christmas party back home in Indonesia. You will follow me around and catered to every of my whim and fancy and I will be very nice to you. (Smile)
Me: Hey! Give me one sec here....

I called Rebecca on my handphone and she pleaded me to do this favour for her. Afterall, I need to endure for one week. I called my office and was told that my boss has already approved of my work related absence due to client entertainment?? (huh?) Must be Rebecca - afterall, she is one of my biggest client now. I found out she even arrange to book the hotel room beside Candy's for my minding's convenience.

I looked at Candy and this is where the fun begin.....


I am now at home after sending Candy off to the airport, with my laptop perched on my lap, watching the city lights beam as I sip and enjoy my red wine.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Halloween Holiday

Since I have not been blogging lately, let me compensate by making this a lengthy one.

Halloween Night
I actually flew down to the States to drop Millie a visit.
1) To see her
2) Make sure she settled in comfortably
3) To celebrate Halloween the US way

She picked me up at the airport which was great without going through the cabbies. I am not familiar with Boston and could get scam by others without me knowing any better. But I must say Boston folks are quite friendly.

Millie enrolled herself in the nearby university just three streets across from where she is staying. She refused to let me write about her uni and her course. So I focus on the rest. Her place is this cosy apartment in this quite old building but with the advantage of the doorman aka security guard. I would be staying over at her place since both of us sees no point for me to booked in a hotel. I wasn't going to stay for more than a few days since I am unable to take more leave due to my hectic work schedule. Psst! I actually had to make up some sob story to my boss about my aunt is having a difficult pregnancy in Malaysia and having my own family to go over there for support. Shhh....

Her cozy place is made up of 3 bedrooms and she co-share with other 2 roommates. One of them is a 23 years old white guy Gregory who happens to be the same classmate as Millie and he is gay. I swear that he has the range of most nicest clothes that could ever been found in the country. His wardrobe filled more than half his room!! Another is this pan-Asia girl Tania in her early 20s who works at the university cafe. She has really long dyed chestnut brown hair that reached beyond her butt and chestnut brown eyes (probably coloured contact lenses), her attractiveness comes from her cute little button nose with pumped out cheeks and her aloof attitude. Millie actually does not need to share rent with anyone, I think she just invited them to stay because she hates loneliness in the house.

Well, Millie did not really made a proper introduction to them. Its just... Okay, she picked me up from the airport in her borrowed car from Gregory and along the way, I have been mean, teasing her with my tongue in her ear and my fingers rubbing her cleft showing in between her pants and growing wetter by the minute. I didn't allow her to touch me and even traffic light stopped the car, she had to sit perfectly still and pretend like nothing is happening otherwise I will stop this treatment.

So imagine the frenzy I gotten her into when at last, we managed to squeeze past the doorman and into the lift. Her hands were all over me, grabbing me to kiss her deeper. Her hand slipped into my pants to massage the bulge that my growing manhood is making. We are actually so deep into it that we didn't realise it is our floor and we continue it with the lift's door opened. Lucky, no one caught us making out. After some time, Millie had to drag herself away from me and grabbed my hand towards her apartment door.

We made love the moment her back hit the soft accommodating bed and clothes are spewed all over the place. Midway through her orgasm, Millie screamed her loudest. Suddenly, we both heard it at the same time, a stifled giggle. We looked up and we saw both Gregory (holding his laughter) and Tania (blushing with glee) watching us all the time at the doorway. How long were these two watching, I really didn't know and I guess I didn't want to know either. Apparently, we forgot to close the door when we get on with our act and left the door wide open.

And that is how the introductions went.....

On Halloween night, Gregory dressed up as Dracula went to some party together with his partner. Tania decided to hang around with us. All three of us decided not to dress up this time as it was too last minute for me to come up with a costume plus costume rental in Boston is really expensive. So we decide to grab a bite at a nearby eatery then go snooped around some pubs to see what is happening. Nothing was really happening and it was getting late, reaching around eleven. We decided to head back to the apartment with me feeling quite disappointed.

Millie came up with a crazy idea and got us all wrapped in thick blankets and sit around the tiny fireplace (which is seldom used since she has central heating plus it is really for show) and made us warm cups of cocoa. We took turns to relate ghost stories and past memories of Halloween.

Sometime around 2am, Tania remarked that Millie's cocoa tasted strange. Millie giggled that she added some whiskey into it to smooth our nerves and relax the evening. Tania requested for more but we ran out of whiskey and other alcohol in the house. We all moaned at the same time. Millie said she will go and get some from a friend that lived across the block and to bring over some pot as well.

We waited for Millie for awhile before getting her sms that she is stoned at her friend's place and will be back tommorrow. Seeing that, both Tania and me made our way back into respective bedrooms. I was already wearing out so I knocked myself out the moment my head touched the soft pillow.

I didn't know what time it was but I woke up to a warm body sliding into the bed and cuddling up against me. I thought it was Millie who decided that she missed me and came home early instead of tommorrow. So I turned around to face her and sleepily kissed on her forehead.

Instantly, my lips were sought after by another unfamiliar hungry lips. My eyes shot opened and saw the face of Tania.

Me: What are you doing?
T: I felt lonely. I thought you did too.
Me: No, not here.

To give some respect to Millie, I couldn't do it here on her bed, in her bedroom. Plus Millie doesn't like to share her guys. Even though, she knew I am sleeping around, she doesn't do threesome. I led Tania to her bedroom. The sight is surprising. Her bedroom is quite bare, saved for a thick king size mattress lying on the floor and a wooden wardrobe tucked nicely into a corner. The floor is filled with old books and lit candles of all sizes.

Tania pulled her jumper off to reveal her lacy white bra that looked too small for her ample breasts. Her nipples kept peeking out over the lacy edge as she moved. She bented over to slid off her jeans and gave me a peek of her shaved lowers. She laid on her bed and I pulled off my clothes and crawled towards her to salvage her. She came four times before we wrapped our arms together and fell asleep.

Before the break of the dawn, I silently kissed Tania's cheek to thank her for such a lovely Halloween she's given me before I sneaked off back to Millie's bedroom. Over the next few days ,there is no more repeat of Tania's act and I was solely satisfying the thirst of Millie's.

When Millie send me to the airport, Gregory and Tania came along too. The surprise parting gift came when Tania followed me into the gents and ambused me in one of the tiny cubicle. She lowered my pants and parted her lips and did what she came for. A blowjob. I couldn't wiped my smile even when I walked over back to Millie. On the plane, I realised that Tania had slipped her email address on a piece of paper into my pant's pocket when she did the blow.

Kissing that paper before slipping back into my pocket, I smiled as I buckled up for the flight back home.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Late in Blogging

I know I have not been updating my blog for coming about one month. So many things happened to me during these weeks that I have been following up with my blog entries.

My office has relocated and split up into two smaller branches. In which in turn, I have more and more chances of bumping into Hope as our new office is so damn small. I practically bumped into her at corners, pantry and even at the photocopier machine corner. This is not helping at all since my heart leap at the chance of just seeing her shine in the office. Plus I am no longer working with that idiot Calvin which means peace to my ears.

I got the long await promotion. I might have mention to some when they email me why I have not been blogging in. Got the position as portfolio manager so now going to way busy plus more responsibilities, more travels and more overtime (and no overtime pay), less time to go out and laze around with clients (since I am suppose to spend more time in the office and monitor investments coming in rather then clinching them myself but of course I still will personally handled those big accounts that deserves my "personal" attention.. hehe!) and of course, more pay. Seriously, when I get into pay wise thingy, it isn't really a big deal anymore (unless it is few thousand jump) otherwise it is just around the same especially after the CPF cut. Got an additional incentive which is overseas allowance and I get to fly around the Asia region without giving any good reasons.

In the midst of all this, I had to bumped into Ms Devil one fine evening just last week with her new beau hanging at her arm. And a Jap beau in fact. Ms Devil still looked so damn hot and gorgeous. She paraded her beau in front of me before realising who was standing in front of her, she paused in shock. Andy had to drag me away before I make a fool out of myself by mumbling something like love or feelings or before I decide to hit that Jap when he smirked at me, then proceed to tighten his grip on Ms Devil's arm. Its not that I still hung over Ms Devil, its a guy thing that wouldn't like that toy to be repossess even though it is sold. Its the "If I can't have her, nobody can" feeling.

With this, I hope to blog more often which please be patient with me if I hadn't manage to make it like the old times, one per week.